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Chapter 14 Title
Chapter 14 – page 6

They got a whole wicker basket full of the hugest, most juicy, luscious strawberries you could ever imagine and they were the size of baseballs! No need for sugar or anything. The strawberries were gone in an instant, so they went back for more. The baby parrots were estatic with the purchase and ran into their nest to tell their mom. They lived on the side of the road under an A-shaped conglomeration of branches. Their huge nest was on the ground. Seems there were no predators on this island. As we can see from the taxi drivers, cats and mice worked together.

Felipe and Forest presented passes for the group when they entered the gang plank gate into the market. A 200 pound Toucan took the passes from them. He looked like a porter on a train or a bellhop in a hotel. As they came close to the main hustle and bustle of the market, they could hear people ‘hawking’ their wares. Well, they were hawks, that’s why they were hawking their wares! Silly! The vendors were mostly hawks, some blue jays and roosters: birds that squawked and made noise. Julio held on tight to da Muff because this was a crowded, noisy place; market day I guess.

All of a sudden a horn blew and a blue jay announced for people to step aside. When they did, what they saw was amazing. A long line of tortugas del mar (sea turtles) came walking through the market, each with a wicker basket tied to his back.

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