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Chapter 14 Title
Chapter 14 – page 4

All the animals seemed to be at least 5 or 10 times bigger than animals in the G & J's Earth world. The goats were the size of oxen and as strong. Two of them pulled the cart down a cobblestone street, passing mango, banana and papaya trees on the way. J yelled out: "Granma, there’s a mispero tree too!" The taxi stopped and the tall tabbie got out and picked a large handful for the boy. "Gracias." said the Hoo.

It was about 3 miles to town over rolling hills. They saw fields of pineapple and avocado groves; strawberry patches and blackberry vines. Closer to the city they saw well-kept green pastures of pot bellied chubby brown cows with black around their eyes and on their ears. These cows were called Buttermilks or Cremas (Creams) here in FFOI. "In our Earth world we have cows like these Buttermilks called Jerseys that give rich, buttery milk too," said G. Each cow wore a bell causing a constant tinkle, tinkle in the air. Forest said, "These cows give queso y mantequilla." (cheese and butter) "Wow, freakin’ far out, huh?" exclaimed J to G. "I guess that’s part of the reason they call this island Freakin’ Far Out Island, huh?" said J. "Yep," answered Felipe, "that’s part of it."

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