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Chapter 14 Title
Chapter 14 – page 2

Julio was excited. This was like a vacation in another world going to an island and shopping even. Wonder what kind of place it is, he thought. They tried to leave da Muff behind on the ship, but she jumped overboard and came anyway. J had to find some kind of rope to lead her with so she wouldn’t get lost. She was such an independent sorta dog, they had to tie her up so they could find her later.

Simeon was escorted by four flamingoes, Felipe and Forest, who went in front. Then came Granma and Julio, and da Muff. Six penguins were behind them that came along to carry packages. Others had gone on ahead to buy food and supplies for the ship. It was quite a procession: giant, 7 foot tall McCaw, tall slender pink flamingoes, and two 3 ½ foot high parrots, G, J and a white hairy dog beast, and six penguins waddling along behind. But it really wasn’t a strange procession at all, considering what they were about to see.

The island was green, lush, warm and tropical, with tall, snow-capped volcanoes in the distance.

After leaving the ship, they walked on up the dirt path a ways and found taxies. How could they have missed them! The taxies drivers, ranging from large tabbie cats that stood on their hind legs to 2 foot high mice, dressed in chauffeur-like attire were meowing and squeaking to get their attention and business.

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