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Chapter 14 Title
Chapter 14 – page 12

About half way down the 3 mile road to the Pink Bird, they ran into another cart carrying wood. Well, if it wasn’t Frizzle and Frazzle on their way back to the ship! They had bundles of nails and hammers and some ropes too. No need to describe their cart, is there? Well, ok. It was pulled by two black and white polka-dotted …. mules? Well, they looked like mules, only their ears were floppier, more like those lop-eared rabbits. Their manes stood up on end and were white, as were their tails. They were mostly black with white dots of all different sizes, kinda like a wonder bread package. Ever seen one of those? Naw, you’re too young. Anyway, these …. flop-eared mule thingies could probably pull a lot more wood that they were. Each one of them was twice the size of Mober. Their harness was cherry red as was their cart. The driver was a wolf-like critter that Muff never quite got over. I think she fell in love, to tell you the truth. He did have quite a winning smile. He was a white wolf, about the size of Simeon. He wore black pants with red suspenders and a red and black bow tie. Well now you’ve got the picture.

"Wood Cart Pulled by Lop Ears"

Other Side Wood Cart Pulled by Lop Ears

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