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Chapter 13 Title Chapter 13 – page 9

They whole place was gasping for air and in shock, all except G & J. No one knew that so many knew. Know what I mean? It was something no one ever talked about, or brought up, and no one ever went to that other Far Freakin’ Out island where the sucking well was. Especially when there was a full moon! G & J were beginning to think that ‘sucking wells’ were a common occurrence here.

“Aqui tenemos el plan, entonces,” said Simeon. (Well, here we have the plan then)

Then Simeon dropped the bomb. “Tambien hay bestias para llevar al otro mundo.” he said. (There are also big beasts that have to be taken to the other world) “Bestias?” asked Frazzle. “What kind of bestias?” (beasts) “Caballos ~ horses” said Simeon. The first time he had used an English word I think. “How many?” asked Frizzle? Frizzle and Frazzle were the mechanical-carpenter engineers of the crew, so they would have to figure the logistics out. You know, logically.

The Freakin’ Flyers (FF’s) said there was a lot of preparation to be made, since the boat couldn’t get very close to the FFO island with the ‘sucking well.’ F & F would need to build a contraption for the beasts to ride in across the water, like a ferry. Simeon said: “Has visto el tamano de las bestias? Ven, para verlos; pesan mucho.” (Have you seen the size of the beasts? Come and look at them; they weigh a lot.)

Julio got the jist of what was happening and he led them down to the horses and told the FF’s to be quiet and not to scare them. He only let them come down two at a time. So first in went Frizzle & Frazzle, the carpenters. Their eyes got real big when they saw that Mober was way over 1,000 pounds; but then they had Assjacks that were bigger, over on their island. And the two of them together would be over 2,000 pounds, plus the Muff, another hundred or so. They got out pencil and paper, walking away with eyes as big as saucers, taking down notes with their wingtips. They would need exact measurements later they said.

Then in came Fortunato and Francisco. They let out low whistles like Julio does. Fortunato asked: “What are they good for?” Julio was only too eager to answer and praise the horses for their usefulness. Mober was giving them her most wonderful, batty-eyed, sweet look. Julio would have went on and on, but Fortunato interrupted and said “That’s good; we see; very useful indeed. Maybe we need some of these bestias (beasts) Francisco, for ourselves?”

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