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Chapter 13 Title Chapter 13 – page 8

G lay back down on her blanket in the sun. J said he was going to go give the horses a snackeroonie and check on his frogs and snails … and maybe find some worms! So off he went with da Muff.

Now that their bellies were full, and the FF’s were just lolling around on deck, it was a fine time for a council meeting. Meanwhile the ship sailed on, gliding closer and closer to Freakin’ Far Out Island. Simeon told the FF’s that G & J were looking for a way to get back to their own world.

“Well” said Forest, “being in the presence of sworn secret conspirators, and all, I tell you this of a truth …. (clears throat and looks around) …. hmmmm …hay … hay una puerta … (there IS a door) to the other world.” Some of the parrots, Simeon and all of the crew gasped at the news. The council was only suppose to be for the FF’s, G & J, and Simeon. So they shooed the others off to go about their own business. Julio was back now and sat by Granma in a circle upon the deck. Muff was in the circle too. She never said very much. She was more doggy than talky.

They spoke in whispered tones now, because of the other eavesdropping birds. Seems Simeon could understand English well enough, though he never spoke it. Julio was doing really good with the Spanglish. Forest continued: “Mi gran, gran abuelito found the door to the other mundo … a long, long time ago. No one has been there since,” he whispered. (my great, great grandfather found the door to the other world …)

Everyone in the council seemed to be holding their breath …. even da Muff. Forest said in a wary, wary voice: “You can only go through in the full moon.” Simeon asked: “Entonces, puedes llevar nuestros amigos alli y esperar con ellos hasta la luna llena? (Then, can you take our friends over there and wait with them until the full moon?) “Why, si, comono! (of course) all the FF’s said at once.

Francisca was a little worried and asked: “What if one of us gets sucked into el otro mundo tambien? (the other world too)” “You can only get sucked up if you are touching one of the ones who wants to get sucked up!” said Felipe. “How do you know this?” Forest asked. “It was my great, great abuelito (grandfather) that went there!” “Yeah, maybe … but it was MY great, great abuelito that went in to find him!” said Felipe. “Well, hijoles! (holy cow!) I didn’t know that!” exclaimed Forest. And then the teeny weeny voice of Fresa (Strawberry) piped up and said: “And my gran, gran abuelita, (my great, great granmother) Fresquita, fue con (went with) el Senor Felipisimo, to find him too! “Oh no!” they all gasped, as if a vacuum cleaner had sucked the breath out of them!

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