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Chapter 13 Title Chapter 13 – page 7

When they saw that the entire crew of the Pink Bird had been resurrected from the dead, they all fell down on deck on their faces and started blubbering. “Fantasmas! Fantasmas!” they muffled. (ghosts, ghosts!) Isn’t it weird, while the crew really were ghosts and could only be seen at night, everything was ok. But now that they were alive and had flesh & bone and were in living color …. the parrots were afraid and called them ghosts! Well Simeon soon set them straight, only telling them the important part of the story ~ not about his dream or anything.

Then the parrots got red in the face ~ or was that their normal color ? Anyway, all 14 of them turned and bowed low to G & J and said: “We are the Freakin’ Flyers, at your service!” And they spoke English !!!!!!!!!!!! Julio was estatic. No more of this having to translate, garbage. “Whew!” he said. The Freakin’ Flyers!

“My name is Granma and this is Julio.” said Granma. “Ah, sir Julio, I have a pequeno pajarito (birdie) se llama (named) Julio too!” said Forest. Julio really liked that “sir” part. “And how is it that you birds can speak English?” asked G. “Pues, we really speak Spanglish. Ya ves, (you see) we live on the border of a muy lejos (far away) world where muchos (many) speak English, Spanglish and Spanish. They look just like you guys, pero diferente (but different).” said Francisco. “Yep, that’s Spanglish … se brokillo mi pencil, and all that” said G. Julio was excited tho’ because he could easily understand about 90% of what they said and sometimes 100%!

Simeon broke in: “Y que te trae por aca, freakin’ flyers?” he asked. (And what brings you here, freakin’ flyers) “Pues, we heard this voz en la noche, (voice in the night) that said: ‘go find the Pink Bird!’ and here we are. We found you!” chimed in Frazzle. Simeon mumbled: “ Es la misma voz . . .” “Que!” said Frizzle. What did you say? “He said it was the same voice” butted in Francine. “Oh” said Frizzle, Frazzle, Felipe and Fortunato. “So they heard some voice and aqua estamos (here we are)” said Fatima.

G was shouting halelujah by now. “The Name above all names has sent his angels to rescue us, Hoo!” said G. “Yep, looks that way, somehow, … it will all work out .. I think” said the Hoo Man.

“Ahora (now) for a council and a plan,” said Francisco. “Primero, ven amigos, para comer y tomar algo” said Simeon. (First, come friends, to eat and drink something) So the Freakin’ Flyers went into the dining area and ruffled their way into chairs. They were served bird-type food, seeds, nuts, fruit and even worms! “Wonder where they keep the worms?” asked Julio. “Maybe there is a bin of them down where the horses are” said G.

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