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Chapter 13 Title Chapter 13 – page 6

Simeon began his tale: “Empezo con un sueno y una voz” he said. (It all started with a dream and a voice) “La voz me mando por aca a recojer dos peregrinos …. viajeros .. de otro mundo … con bestias, de rojo y blanco. (The voice told me to come this way to pick up two pilgrims … travelers ..from another world .. with red and white beasts.)

Well, the Mober is a sorrel (golden-red) & white paint horse, and Pepper is a darker wine red and white Appaloosa horse, and the Muff is all white. Simeon looked at G & J with his green eyes and said “Pues, obedece la voz que me hablo muy fuerte.” (Well, I obeyed the voice that spoke strongly to me) Simeon went on … “y la voz medijo que los peregrinos iban a tener un mensaje muy importante para nosotros.” (and the voice told me that the pilgrims would have a very important message for us.)

“Aleluya” said G. “El Nombre te hablo en un sueno y por eso veniste a recojernos. Gracias a El!” (Halelujah! The Name spoke to you in a dream and for this reason you came to pick us up. Thanks to HIM!)

Julio got in on the conversation with an “Amen!” So now they knew why the ship had come this way and why they were there. To give them the message. Things were beginning to make some sense. But they had been gone now from Granma‘s place, who knows how long, and they needed to get back. Who was feeding the other horses, Cowboy and Blackie, while they were gone? Or who was feeding the chickens and peacocks? Then G remembered what J had told her about the passage of time.

So Granma asked Simeon, “Y que piensas, oh noble Simeon, como podemos llegar otra vez a nuestro mundo?” (and what do you think, oh noble Simeon, how can get back again to our world?) “Pues, vamos a pedir el Nombre como!” he said. (well, we will ask the Name how!) So they left it at that, with whipped cream all over their faces and strawberry juice running down their chins. Simeon tried one of his bird smiles again when he looked at them. A very tricky thing to do which almost made Julio spit more strawberry juice out than was necessary.

It was noon by the time they finished eating and talking. G & J went up on deck and laid out on blankets in the warm sun. All hands on deck were kinda whispering and oohing and ahhing all around them. Simeon was at his perch at the front of the Pink Bird. Soon they heard him exclaim: “Isla de Freakin‘ Far Out!” (Freakin’ Far Out Island)

He had no sooner said this than big ruffled parrot-like birds (only bigger), green, yellow & purple colored, began dropping out of the sky, onto the deck. Fortunato fluttering, glided in, skidding to a halt in front of Simeon. Francisco flopped and bounced towards him. Then Frizzle and Frazzle flipped sommersaults upon the deck, cart-wheeling and landing in the splits before the great McCaw. Julio was trying to hold back his laughter. Then came Felipe, who actually made a pretty good landing, all things considered. Federico made an elegant landing, on top of the mast and slid down the pole. Forest just kinda plopped down like a big blob of bird poop onto the deck. Then came the girl parrots: Francine, Florine, Francisca, Frances, Ferminda, Fresa, and Fatima all holding hands… er .. wings … swishing down like a ballet team landing on their toes. That made seven boys and seven girl parrots; fourteen in all.

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