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Chapter 13 Title Chapter 13 – page 4

You would not believe the sight before their eyes! There now stood before them and all around them in a circle, real, live, flesh and blood birds of all sizes. “Resucito!” Resucito!” they kept chanting. (Resurrected!) Yep, they certainly were. They no longer were wisps that you could only see in the dark, but they had come back to life and were visible and real! Julio reached out and touched a flamingo. The flamingo said “Estabien, tocame! Tengo carne y hueso!” (it’s ok, touch me. I have flesh & bones!)

Then Julio did a little jig of excitement. Well this was enough to start the whole crowd dancing. They began to all squawk at once, “En el Nombre!” (in the Name!) and were all doing a jig, sauntering, swaying and what not. Then Simeon, the big McCaw entered into the center of the crowd and held up his hands for silence. He turned towards G & J and bowed low. “Bendito los pies de los que traen buenas noticias,” he said. (Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news) And all the birds began again to clap their wings (not much noise in that though) and to play their instruments again and shout different things. Aleluya! En el Nombre! Amen! Gloria! Bendito!

How amazing! But G wasn’t that amazed at all; she knew the power in the Name! They all spoke and they all were real! In their excited, dancing frenzy, what with all the hullabaloo of now having real bodies after 1500 years, some of their feathers fell to the deck, which J picked up for keepsakes (pink and white ones, salmon and orange ones of course, and even a deep raspberry one that came from one special bird).

Simeon said above the hullabaloo, “Nuestros peregrinos deben tener hambre,” and he clapped his ‘hands’ together. (Our pilgrims are probably hungry) The crowd immediately disbursed to the dining room, many of them going to the kitchen. G & J went down the plankway with Simeon to the dining room and seated themselves. White plates, crystal goblets and pitchers were again set before them, but this time by tall white cranes, wearing bow-ties and black vests, with red tassles hanging from them.

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