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Chapter 13 Title Chapter 13 – page 2

And the tiny bathroom was painted a deep raspberry color, with white, pink and raspberry colored towels and washcloths. The floor was polished hardwood with raspberry throw rugs on it here and there. On the walls hung some drawings of flamingoes, in white frames and a large one of the Pajaro Rosado (the ship).

Granma asked Julio about the frog critters and he said he put them in one of the water barrels in an empty stall with the horses. And he covered them with a feed sack and some boards, so they couldn’t hop or crawl out.

G & J were beginning to wish they had some clean clothes. Well what do you know, and much to their surprise . . . they opened a small closet and there were clothes of all sizes and styles just laying there folded up neatly on shelves.

G didn’t see any overalls so she chose a long skirt with raspberry colored pomegranates and flamingoes around the bottom edge. She found a plain, light pink sweat shirt to go with it. On the vanity there were even nice combs and clips for her long hair made out of abalone or mother of pearl shells. She put a couple in her hair and walla!

Now to get Julio fixed up. How would they ever be so lucky to find pants to fit him? Muff stuck her head in the door and then came on in, careful not to touch anything white or clean and pretty. Granma searched the shelves and underneath was a bag of clothes ~ just what she was looking for: little boys stuff. She found some pants that fit him around, but were quite a bit too long. No problem … they just made a cut with Hoo’s pocket knife and ripped. He now had on some clean dark blue jeans. After scrounging deeper, they came up with a red wine sweatshirt that was only a little too big for him and a navy blue T-shirt. G & J both thought ‘we better take one more change of clothes in case we need it‘. So they found more stuff that looked like it would work and stuffed it in their baskets.

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