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Chapter 13 Title Chapter 13 – page 13

The food was excellent; no need to go into detail: Simply exquisite! Julio ended up with whip cream on his face again. Then they brought out the ice cream sherbert: mango, pineapple and papaya. There is always room for ice cream. Julio was almost ready to bust out of his vest.

Simeon stood up and the music stopped. He said: “Mañana, a esta hora, llegaré mos a Freakin’ Far Out Island. Alli haré mos negocio para nuestras necesidades en el mercado de los campesinos. Tambié n los Freakin’ Flyers tendrá n que comprar necesidades para ayudar a Granma y a Julio para llegar a su casa. Cuando todo está preparado saldré mos para la isla del Cordero. Allí está la puerta. Buenos noches a todos y que duermen bien.” Well now the rest of the flock knew: on Lamb Island there was a door. But they didn’t know what kind of door or to where.

Whew! Translation: (Tomorrow a this time we will reach Freakin’ Far Out Island. There we will do business for our necessities in the market of the ranchers, countrymen, and poor folk. Also, the Freakin’ Flyers will need to buy the necessary things to help Granma and Julio get back to their homeland. When everything is prepared, we will leave for the Island of the Lamb. That’s where the door is. Good night to everyone and sleep well.)

The FF’s slept in cubbyholes all over the ship. Under things, in things, perched here and there out of the night air. Simeon spent a long time looking out over the water at the front of the ship. G & J went up to their room, followed by da Muff. All three of then were burping from too much food. Da Muff found her closet bed and curled up. G & J never even changed their clothes, but fell asleep across their beds looking quite elegant.

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