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Now that the council meeting was over and the FF’s were wandering around here and there on deck, their other fine feathered friends were allowed out again. The water was turning gold and green with the setting suns and it was about time for dinner. G & J went on up to their room and got cleaned up. They changed into the finest clothes they could find in the closet.

They found a little gold vest that looked like it was for one of the penguins, a white T-shirt and a black jacket for the Hoo. He would have to wear his dark blue jeans and tennis shoes, but it was the closest to a suit that he had. Grandma found another long skirt that was deep purple and flowing. Actually there were two layers to the skirt; underneath was a satiny deep purple and on top a sheer, see-through lighter purple. There were silver flowers embroidered along the hem at the bottom with tiny silver bells that just barely jangled when she walked. She found a black sweater with shiny black sequins and pearls sewn on it. In a carved wooden box on the vanity table, there was a string of pinkish-white pearls that went perfect with the sweater. Both of them were looking really sharp. Julio had his hair slicked back and looked quite debonair and older. I think he might have grown on the trip.

As the dinner bell rang, they entered the dining room arm and arm, Julio as escort to Granma. As they stepped across the threshold, trumpets were sounded and many a feathered friend bowed down to them. Simeon was at the head table and stood as they approached. He handed them a drink that was dark red, like wine, and proposed a toast. “Aqui tenemos los bendicidos, que traen las buenas noticias. Toma, a su salud!” (Here we have the blessed ones that bring good news, Drink to their health!)

Everyone around the room raised glasses in their feathered hand-wings and drank. Then they sat down, Granma at the end of the table, opposite Simeon, with Julio on her right. In the middle of the table was, can you believe it, an ice sculpture that looked like The Pink Bird. It was surrounded by green holly leaves and strawberries.

Pink and white cranes brought out harps, mandolins, dulcimers. A penguin played something like a chello, and large white doves played flutes while a glistening sunset sparkled through the portholes, dancing green and gold on the walls from the waters’ reflection.

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