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Chapter 13 Title Chapter 13 – page 10

Then down came Felipe, Forest and Federico. Federico said, “You wouldn’t want to leave these bestias on our isla, (island) would you?” Felipe said: “So you say you can sit on their backs and they carry you around?” “Yep” said Hoo proudly. He asked Pepper to bow down and he got on, bareback, right there in the little stall. Pepper just stood there and looked at the FF’s. They stared ~ mind-boggled at her. “Oh, and they can talk” concluded Julio.

“Maravilloso!” (marvelous) said Forest. “No puedes dejarlos?” ( you can’t leave them?) he asked. “No way” said the J-man. “They are like part of our family and we love them. They won’t let just anybody ride on them, you know.” Smarty pants Julio was thinking. “Hey, maybe when we get back to our world, we can get sucked down our well again and get to your world quicker maybe, and bring you some horses. You will need to have boy and girl horses so you can have your own baby horses.” Julio had $$ signs in his eyes … Hahahaha!

“Ay caramba! What a great idea!” said Forest, Felipe and Federico all together. “Or maybe we can go to your world even and get them ourselves!” said Felipe and Forest, who were more the adventurous type, being great, great grandsons of Señor Felipisimo and Señor F0restal who had already gone into the other world years and years ago.

Julio’s eyes lit up like candles, because he was always in the mood for a good business proposition and he could see dollar signs. Or maybe he would trade for diamonds or something.

The girls were giggling at the top of the stairs, waiting for their turn to come down and see the beasts. I mean, horses. Francine and Francisca were first and they kept their distance, being somewhat afraid of the size of the horses. Julio just happened to have some carrots on hand, so he gave the girls one carrot each. Francine and Francisca tiptoed a little closer and fed Mober & Pepper timidly.

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