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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 9

“Looks like this is gonna be our camp for the night, Hoo,” said G. “Yeah, can you hand me another BBQ’d mouse?” he asked. They had one bunch of bananas, some ’tater thingies, and a ’sweet tater’ (pineapple) left. G pulled out two bananas and the huge ‘sweet ‘tater and gave them to the wise ‘ole owl, who bowed and said “Gracias … Gracias.” G didn’t even know if they would like the fruit, but seemed like they might, being birds an all.

Soon the palm trees nearby were filled with the Hoo0000 hooo hooo hoooo! sounds of about a kazillion owls. Seems it was a hunting party on its way back, bringing back more rats, mice, snakes .. things that looked like gophers, moles and squirrels, and other furry creatures.

The kid owls were gathering wood and the fire was stoked for G to begin telling them about the Name. About 150 owls sat around the bonfire as the blue and pink suns went down. The white sky turned black with purple and lavender clouds. Set in this sky were wide stripes or bands of crystal blue stars that were so very close, you could almost reach out and touch them. Soon three moons arose above the horizon, two mint greens ones and one pale yellow.

G. asked the owl kids if they had water to give the horses. They didn’t understand the word “caballos” (horses) because they had never seen horses before. So G brought Pepper over and explained. The kid owls soon returned with hollowed out logs full of water, carried by 6 of them at once. The Muff got some water too and was enjoying a feast of yummy rat, squirrel & mice bones.

Granma then began to fulfill the prophecy by telling them about the NAME above all names. She chose to tell them about the feeding of the 5,000 and the resurrection, which they listening to without a sound.

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