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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 8

“Bievenidos, viajeros. Mi casa es tu casa,” the old owl said and bowed. (Welcome travelers. My house is your house) “Well now this is good,” whispered G to J. “See, it is a Spanish country or world,” said J. “Con permiso” said G, riding a little bit forward (with your permission). Then G saw that the owls were scared and quite taken aback by the horses, so they had them bow down and slid to the ground. All the owls, for there was a crowd now, gasped, if birds can do such a thing. The thought came to grandma that in the owls eyes, they probably thought we were all one beast, horse and rider, and now they saw us, as it were, broken apart. “No tengas miedo,” said G. (which means don’t be afraid in English, for those of you who aren’t bilingual)

All the owl crowd now murmured when they heard G speaking Spanish and they seemed to understand her accent, which wasn’t owl at all. The female owls began chattering as one does with beaks, and G said she could make out a word here and there about food. “Oh no, are we gonna have to eat rats and mice,” asked Julio to G in English, but still in a whisper, in case some of these owls were bilingual. “Well” G replied in a whisper also, “they say when in Rome do as the Romans. So when in, wherever we are, do as they do.”

To make a long story short, seems the big book that the old, wise owl had the baby owl bring to him contained a prophecy. Something about people of a different language coming on huge beasts and having with them a smaller white fluffy beast. And they would tell the owls in their own language about the Name. The owls had been waiting for hundreds of years for the prophecy to be fulfilled and to hear about the Name. G understood all this Spanish and so, after the feast, she told them about the Name above all names. The Name at which every knee would bow down and every tongue would confess, that HE is Lord. G was more than happy to tell them about the Name, but first they had a feast, and yes, they had to eat roasted rats and mice. Not bad really.

They turned the horses loose, now that the owls weren’t afraid of them, to find what grass they could. The horses didn’t venture very far away, since they had seen the shifting whirlpool sand, red dangling snakes, lizards & huge bird.

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