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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 6

The path here was wide enough that they could turn the horses around easily and they rode back out. “Like I always say,” said G, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

They rode along the edge of the reeds, watching out for any color changes in the sand. All of a sudden the reeds ended and they saw rows and rows of huts made out of reeds; a village. Again they heard the “Hoo hoo hoo hooooo! Hoo hoo hoo whooooo!” They all stopped as if in a lineup and looked: the horses, G & J and da Muff.

“I’m getting a little hungry,” said J. “Me too,” said G. “Do you think this is a village of people or some kind of critter?” asked G, thinking more to herself. Then she saw them: giant owls. These owls were around 4 feet tall. Musta been day-owls for they were out and about in the daytime. Soon the entourage (G, J, Mober, Pepper & da Muff) had been spotted.

Baby owls started flapping and running to their moms, squawking “Quien, hooo? quien, quien! Hooo hoooo?” (quien = who in Spanish) Mama owls were roasting what looked like rats on a spit over a fire outside. The babies hid behind the mama owls. Then a big fat, old, hopefully wise owl, came out of the hut leaning on a cane. His huge eyes stared at the invaders on beasts of unknown size and proportion. And then he stared at the white fluff of a dog.

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