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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 3

When they finally saw da Muff in a pile whimpering and licking her wounds, she was minus a few tail feathers, or hairs. Tufts of white hair were all over the ground. That bird meant business! G & J sure didn’t want to mess with it. They weren’t quite sure how to get around it. They wanted to go as far around the nest as possible but this was impossible, since the path went right by it.

Granma started clucking of all things, “Here birdy birdy .. Chu chu chu … here birdy birdy: chu chu chu.” Julio remembered the banana peelings that he had stuffed in his basket and nonchalantly pulled them out, letting them fall to the ground. The heron thingie eyed them cautiously and went over to pick them up. This gave them a chance to squeeze on by quickly, even though the horses had their doubts. As they went on down the path they heard a voice behind them say “Gracias.”  (Thanks) “Ohmygosh!” said G, “Did that heron just speak Spanish? “Yep, that’s what I heard,” says J. “De nada,” (it’s nothing) called out Julio.

“Maybe we are in a Spanish world now,” said J. When they got to where da Muff was, she was still licking her bald spots. Then she slowly got up and waggled along down the path, a little sore from the plucking, but she was ok. Now they were coming out from the reeds and onto a long stretch of white sand. Seemed like they could see an ocean just a short way off. The iridescent blue sun was still high in the sky, with pink suns on each side of it. G figured the days must be longer here. They had been up a long time.

The long stretch of white sand created an illusion of going somewhere, but never reaching anywhere. They were riding on and on and there was no grass for the horses. J said “We better stop and have some water and give the horses a drink too.” “Good idea.” agreed G. So the horses bowed down and they slid off …. Problem was, in what were they gonna give the horses a drink? There was nothing, so Hoo just decided he would pour some in their mouths. He did and they licked their lips and tried sucking. Well it was better than nothing. The horses laid down on the warm sand like they were tired too, so they all rested for awhile.

Before they mounted up again, they heard a hissing sound. “Ai yai yai,” whispered G. “Get up and hurry!” They didn’t even wait for the horses to bow down; they started climbing up their legs and the horses started walking. Julio lost one of his metal water jars. All of a sudden there were hundreds of hissing lizards all around them, and some were pretty good sized. The lizards were wrinkly and orange with red dots running down their backs between green, spikey horns. They had light blue and turquoise hangie things dangling from under their chins and yellow darting eyes. Blue tongues flicked in and out of their mouths about a thousand miles an hour as they wagged their heads from side to side, hissing. Granma was about to fall off, only half hanging onto Mober’s mane and neck. She got Mober over to a rise in the sand, putting her on the downside of the hill. Granma got on the upside and hopped on like a bolt of lightning. Julio had already made it onto Pepper’s back. A long ways back when he had nothing better to do, he had tied some of the blanket fringe together and made sort of a stirrup. How useful at a time like this!

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