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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 27

G thought they must be getting the message. There was a dance alright, with such joy that it was running over, flowing across the decks, and spilling into the water! The lanterns were lit and the flamingoes played stringed instruments like mandolins, ukuleles, dulcimers, and flutes. The tables and chairs were put away and the room became aglow with life, energy, sound and joy.

Julio whispered to G “They seem to be getting not so wispy anymore.” “I think you’re right, Hoo” said G. “They aren’t as transparent as they were and some color seems to be coming back into them.” They danced holding hands in three circles; each circle rotating a different direction. Then they would raise their feather-arm-hands together and then lower them. G & J were in the innermost circle. It was really a lot of fun. They seemed to be making a humming noise, as if their voices were one, in agreement.

Then all of a sudden they all fell down holding hands and lay on the floor. Birds started laughing. Have you EVER heard a bird laugh! Well, you wouldn’t know it was a laugh unless you saw the look on their face. Their bellies shook; they kicked their legs and scooted across the floor laughing; yes, laughing. They rolled around on the floor. This went on for about three hours. G & J were doing the same, until they were thoroughly exhausted. G tried to stand up and couldn’t. J helped her up. They went to find Simeon, who was behind the bar on the floor with the biggest bird smile on any face you could ever imagine.

“Buenos noches” said G & J and they tiptoed, waddled and fell up to their round room. Da Muff didn’t know what to think of them, giggling like they were. So she just went to her closet blankets, burped, and went to sleep. G & J did the same, minus the burping. Hoo had his own nice little feather bed … wow, sleeping on feathers, from birds. Then he was giggling again. He giggled himself right off to sleep and so did Granma.

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