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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 25

Simeon sighed real big and G explained to Julio that he was saying they would never be able to find that same well, so that G & J could get sucked back up it into the Earth world. Cheesh, thought Julio. How ARE we gonna find a way back? He was missing his mama more and more and his cats and his tia, (Aunt) and his dog, his neighbor Collin, and his school even. When the teacher asks everybody what they did on summer vacation, what was he gonna say now? Cheesh. He might not even be there!

So tales all told, it was getting on towards sunset … They all went out on deck while invisible hands cleared away the plates. Julio saved da Muff some pieces of ham, sweet potato skin and a bone which he fed to her now. Then a platter appeared outside the door set down by invisible hands, with bones, gravey, potatoes and meat on it. Muff was not growling any more. She was licking something that neither G nor J could see, but what must have been the invisible hand that fed her.

The blue and pink suns were all sitting on the horizon now, even though they came up at different times. The white sky was now turning black with green and yellow streaks, amid purple, lavender and pink clouds. It was a magnificent sunset, so bright you almost needed sunglasses.

As it got darker, things on ship began to take shape and … life, … er …. well, not exactly. Now G & J could sorta see the ‘invisibles’ that had carried the platters of food, and who knows what else they had done. Mopped the decks, washed the dishes, rowed the ship? They were still gliding on silently as if over a glass sea. The wispy smoke-like figures appeared to be other types of birds. Well the ship was called, what was it? El Pajaro Rosado ~ the Pink Bird. And it does have bird heads at the front and back, and wings on its sides.

Julio was trying to make out what kind of birds they were. Some were tall and had long legs and necks. Why they were flamingoes, of course! “Granma!” yelled Hoo a little too loudly, then he melted down to a faint whisper, “some of them are flamingoes!” “Well I’ll be darned!” exclaimed G, whispering back to him. “And some look like penguins,” J whispered.

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