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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 24

You see, as the McCaw began to tell his tale in Spanish . . . much too long to repeat here . . . the jist of it was, as G & J scarfed the food, that this was indeed a cruise ship that had sunk to the bottom of the sea, losing all on board. It had set sail from the coast of the McCaw islands and sunk in the deepest blue of the Skeleton Keyes. No one saw the ship again; not in that area of the country anyway.

After about 1500 years, an under water volcano lifted the ship up and spit it out onto the Bay of Owls. That’s where they had just come from ~ only in Spanish : “Bahia de los Tecolotes.”

The only ones now left on the ship were, Simeon, the giant McCaw, and a skeleton crew. They became known around the various ports though, and Simeon was able to go and trade pearls, oysters, and fish, for the food that they carried. Of course they didn’t need much, with a skeleton crew. Here Julio almost laughed out loud and sorta snorted in his drink.

“Y ahora, que haces?” asked G. (and now what do you do?) “Estamos cruzando los mares para la eternidad ayudando a los perdidos,” said Simeon. (We are crossing the oceans for eternity helping those that are lost) “Then you must be really really old,” said J.

Now it was time for G’s tale and some of that fruit salad with whipped cream! Julio had whipped cream all around the edges of his mouth. “Bueno” says G, “Estamos buscando una puerta or entrada para regresar al nuestro mundo. (We are trying to find a door or entrance to return to our world).

“Pues, como veniste aca?” asked Simeon. (well, how did you get here?) G thought, who was ever going to believe they were sucked down a well, but how else could she explain it? Well, so what? Here was this seven foot tall Spanish speaking McCaw traveling around for an eternity with a dead crew on a ship that moved by itself, so why would getting sucked down a well seem so strange to him? concluded G. So she told him the story.

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