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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 23

The McCaw was in the room behind the bar. He was mixing up some sort of concoction with coconut milk, pineapple and mango which he brought over to them on a silver platter. With a wave of his feathery arm, he suggested that they sit down, which they did. “Con permiso,” said G & J. The McCaw sat the platter on the table and stooped down to go into a room in the back. G & J each took a tall glass that appeared to made out of real crystal. The pitcher was of crystal too and held more of the delicious drink. Just imagine, cocnonut milk, pineapple and mango. Hmm hmmm hhmmm. They both downed their drinks in practically one gulp and helped themselves to more from the pitcher.

The McCaw appeared at the swinging white doors in the back and stood against one to hold it open. He clapped his feathered arms together which only made a soft, thumping noise. Out came platters of food floating on the air, carried by who knows who or what, for the carriers were invisible.

The platters came closer and da Muff could be heard growling outside the dining room door. Platters of ham and mashed ‘taters sat themselves down with big spoons and forks sticking up out of them. A white porcelain gravy bowl was set before them, with a heavenly aroma arising from its contents. Julio’s eyes were as big as saucers. Then from the other side of the table, a green salad was set along side a fruit salad topped with something white, like whip cream. The fruit salad had pieces of oranges, bananas, mangos, pineapple, strawberries, avacados and grapes in it. This was indeed a feast prepared for kings. A small covered silver platter was brought out which contained sweet potatoes, the real kind like in G & J’s world.

The McCaw came over, sat down and held out a feathered hand to each of them. They joined hands and he blessed the food.
Well now this was amazing; like what you might expect on a cruise ship I guess, thought Granma, only this one was smaller. And the crew were silent and invisible. Humphff!

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