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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 21

“Hey!” Hoo said. “Maybe we can find a kitchen or something and see if there is a bone for da Muff.” “Ok, you go, Hoo, I’m tired.” said G, koz she was 129, don’t forget. She laid on the soft comforter and immediately fell into a deep, deep sleep ~ taking a little ‘naparooni‘, as she called it.

J investigated the place, keeping da Muff close by his side, just in case. I mean this ship was weird, going all by itself. And going to where? They didn’t even know. Then he remembered the McCaw they had seen who was up in the front of the ship. Maybe he can talk, thought Hoo.

Julio sauntered on up behind the big bird, whistling, so as not to come upon it unawares like. It was bigger than a man, being about seven feet tall. The enormous bird was looking out over the ocean and didn’t even turn around. Maybe it’s hard of hearing thought Julio. Which was close to the truth anyway, but the fact of the matter was, the bird seemed to have a “tude.” So Julio scuffed his feet a little and whistled louder. Muff gave a low growl. The bird still ignored his existence. Don’t ya’ just hate that?

Then Julio cleared his throat and said “Excuse me, sir noble McCaw. Where are we going to?” At this generous title bestowed upon it, the bird turned it’s head almost all the way backwards, like only birds can do. Looking like something out of the Exorcist movie, it’s green eyes glared at the boy. Julio was taken a little aback. It seemed like a very mean ‘ole bird.

Julio ventured another question, “Oh noble McCaw, can you talk English or Spanish maybe?” The McCaw let out what sounded like Chinese cuss words and turned back around to finish watching the ocean, as if that could ever be finished.

Then Julio out of gentlemanly habit, bowed and said “Con permiso.” (with your permission) At that the bird did a whole 180 degree turn about and faced him. He was wearing a green vest with medallions and medals hanging on it with red tassles. This must be a real important bird thought Julio. The McCaw himself was a blue and gold. “Porque no me llamaste en Espanol primero!” it squawked. (Why didn’t you call me in Spanish first?) Well now Julio was at sort of at a loss. He knew some Spanish but couldn’t understand a whole truck load like that bird was throwing at him.

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