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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 18

The gangplank had been lowered by unseen hands and without a sound. It was wide and made of rough hewn wood with cross planks every three or four feet so that you wouldn’t slip. This would be good for the horses. G whispered to J, “I sure hope they have a place for horses on this boat. And what about food for them? And how long will this trip be? And where are we going, I wonder?” “Me too and me too,” said J.

“Well,, .. er .. bien pues, noble tecolotes. Gracias por guiarnos a este barco magnifico. Aqui nos separamos. Si algun dia, ustedes llegan a nuestro mundo, buscanos: Abuelita y Julio. Adios!” said G. (Translation: Well then, noble owls. Thanks for guiding us to this magnificent ship. Here we part. If you guys someday get to our world, look us up: Granma and Julio. Goodbye!) Smarty pants J says to G: “We need a business card to hand out.” “Well that would be kinda nice, with our address and phone number and e-mail on there,” says G. “When we get home Julio, remind me to add, USA, the world, planet Earth, to my card.” “Yeah,” says J, “and maybe you could draw a map of how to get there on the back.”

G & J stood waiting with Mobe, Pep & da Muff, for someone to come out of the ship to greet them. No one came. The noble tecolotes told them in Spanish : “Subense, subense.” This means loosely to ‘get on up,’ so they went . . . cautiously, leading the horses. The boat was twice as long as Granma’s house, porches and all. The horses didn’t seem to be too afraid. J tied them to a good place on the ship and went around to investigate. Granma started calling out: “Yoo hoo! Yoo hoo! Anybody here?” There was no answer. The only thing on board were some of the smaller pale pink birds perched here and there and a big McCaw at the head of the ship. J took da Muff and went to check out rooms and what not.

He went down another gang plank into the belly of the ship. To the left he saw benches and oars for rowing if need be. To the right he saw … but what to his amazement and delight ! … stalls for animals and HAY! Yes, HAY! J excitedly yelled up for G to come down and look. “Wow.” was all she could say. Then she found her tongue again: “This ship has been sent by the Name above all Names, just for us, to take us home.” She got a little choky in the voice department. J said “Yeah, and he put some water and grain in here too! Fantastic!” Still no one showed up.

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