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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 16

G could see what they called a natural rock, sand & dirt jetty that went way out into the water. I guess that’s where you go out to meet the big boats that can’t come into shallow water. The 14 escort owls now put their feathery hand-wings to their beaks and began to Whooo hoo hoo hooooo! over the water, creating a rippling echo.

“Julio, look up!” said G. “Look at the water; it’s the ocean!” J looked up from his snail gathering and he saw something like diamonds glistening on turquoise up real close. The water changed from turquoise to a deep purple-midnight blue further out . “It’s great!” says J, and stuck his nose back down to his snail gathering business. He got them all neatly tucked away in the larger metal jars, putting some sand on the bottom, water and moss. He put the green & lavender little frogs in with the other frog for company. The yellow frog from the Marshmallow Waste ditch was a salt water frog, but seemed it could get use to any kind of water.

The owls were still Hoo … hooo.. hoooing up a storm, echoing over the water. Suddenly a whole flock of pink birds flew over. One landed at the feet of an escort owl. The escort owl gave it a little palm shoot branch which the bird put in its mouth and took off again. This must be some sort of signal, thought G. She was right.

Within half an hour a huge ship could be seen approaching over the water, with pink birds flying all around its mast. When it got closer, G & J could see that on the main white sail there was a pink bird that looked like a flamingo on it.

G & J started walking out to the end of the jetty, leading the horses, with da Muff following. The owl escorts came behind in two rows of seven, marching. When the ship pulled up to the side of the jetty and lowered her gang plank, G noticed that the name on the side was “El Pajaro Rosado” which translated means …

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