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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 14

Some kid owls brought over their gifts of coconuts. Perhaps with Julio’s great thinking mind, they could figure out a way to crack them. They put everything in the baskets and loaded up with fresh water in their metal cans too.

Listo was getting so old that he didn’t go with them to the waters’ edge, but he sent some of his best men, . . .er … birds .. owls … with them as escorts. (They later heard that Listo was miraculously healed and was hopping around like an owl half his age!) When they departed, they thought they saw a tear in Listo’s eyes. But it wasn’t one of sadness, but of joy, as he said: “Bendito los pies que te trajeron aqui para decirnos del Nombre! He bowed and then embraced them with his feathery arms .. Er .. wings. (What he said was: blessed are the feet that brought you here to tell us about the Name)

They started off on the next phase of their adventure leading the horses between 14 owl escorts down the sandy path behind the village. With a row of seven huge owls marching along side of them, they felt like royalty.

After about a quarter mile they came to clear water gently lapping upon the white sand among the wide-leaved purple reeds. The reeds were sporting orange flowers that were like ‘birds of paradise’ if you know what I mean. Julio pulled Pepper over to the waters’ edge and shouted to G, “I see snails! Big fat snails! ….. “I’m gonna put some in a metal jar with moss & water and sand … for the frog.

Then he yelled again! This time he saw pale green and lavender frogs plopping into the clear water, which he caught right away. They were smaller than his first yellow frog with the red dots. Julio was rather wet now, but it was warm out and he would dry soon. “Don’t get too many more frogs Hoo, or they won’t be able to breathe,” warned G. “Ok, I’ll just get three purple ones and three green ones.

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