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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 13

G turned to Listo and said rather loudly, since he was getting hard of hearing, “Your Royal Highness Listo, pray tell . . . “ then she remembered she was speaking English and switched to Spanish with a throat clearing … hhhaa hummm …. “Su Royal Altisimo Listo, favor de decirme, como llegamos al mar?” (she was asking him how they get to the ocean)

Listo says: “Ah … mi hija, mijito, atras de esas casas de palitos, a poco distancia, alli esta la entrada del mar.” (ah my daughter, my sonny, behind these stick houses, a short distance, is the entrance to the ocean) . . . And Listo went on . . . “Conocemos alguien con un barco grande que te puede llevar a donde quieren.” (we know someone with a big ship that can take you wherever you want to go) G smiled real big and explained to Julio, because his Spanish wasn’t quite as good as Granmas.

Then G said to Listo: “Favor de llevarnos alli, gran sabio tecolote.” (Do us a favor and take us there, great wise owl) “Estabien” said Listo, “pero primero, las mujeres estan preparando comida para ustedes, y sus bestias para su salida.” Whew, woof pant … Here goes: (It is good, or ok, says Listo, but first the women are preparing food for you and your beasts for your departure)

This was even better than they could have hoped for; friendly owls, food, and a boat at the back door. What more could they ask for? They went and got the horses and tied the blankets and baskets on for departure. Granma pulled out one of the small pink stone jars and gave it to Listo and bowed. “Esta jarra es de los Peppermint Mountains, en el otro mundo, muy lejos de aqui,” said G. (this jar is from the Peppermint Mountains in the other world, very far from here) The wise old owl smiled with his beak, kind of a hard thing to do for an owl, as if he knew something they didn’t. Well, we will never know what it was, for he didn’t say.

Julio wanted to give something too, so out of his pocket he pulled a precious stone that looked suspiciously like a clear red ruby and gave it to Listo. “Muchisimas gracias, mijito, que Dios le bendiga abundantamente sobre todo lo que puedes pensar o imaginar, en el Nombre!” (Thank you very much, my sonny; may God bless you abundantly above all you can think or imagine, in the Name!) About this time the girl owls brought out several palm leaf packages tied with reeds and handed them to G and J between their outstretched wings. G & J both bowed down when they received them and saying “Muchisimas gracias.” J had already stuffed the baskets with dates and made a new cutout log water bed for his frog.

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