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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 12

G saw girl owls with some sort of machine contraption that looked like an old fashioned orange squeezer-juicer. It had a very hard, sharp owl claw in the top part and a handle. They were putting coconuts in the contraption and poking holes in them. (owls are very handy at carrying things between their two wings) When some kid owls jumped up and down on the handle, the sharp claw went into the top of the coconut and poked a hole. They didn’t have straws, so they poured the coconut milk out into crude wooden cups of sorts. “Toma” said a mama owl. This meant ‘drink.’ So Julio and Granma did. Hmm hmmm hmmm. It was good. Muff even got some from a kid owl that spilled their coconut.

Four owls at a time, flew down to the ground carrying heavy bunches of dates. They picked off a smaller bunch with their beaks, bowed, and presented them to G & J. Hmm hmmm hmmm. They were good. Couldn’t eat too many tho’ ~ very sweet. But all this sugar gave them a rush, so they had lots of energy.

G remembered to ask: “Gran sabio tecolote, como se llama este lugar y como se llama usted?” (great, wise owl, what’s the name of this place and what’s your name?) She spoke in the formal Spanish ~ usted ~ being that he was ‘ole and wise with many years on his wings.

The “gran, sabio” (great, wise one) seemed to wake up and opened his big round brownish gold eyes. “Mi nombre es ‘Listo’ y el nombre de este lugar es “Bahia de los Tecolotes.” (translation: My name is ‘smart or intelligent’ and the name of this place is ‘Bay of the Owls.) Well don’t that just beat all. Just saying it how it is. G was impressed. “Mi nombre es ‘abuelita” (Granma) y este es ‘Julio.” said G, bowing down. “para servirle.” (to serve you) I bet you don’t need a translation because you are getting ‘listo’ and bilingual now, right?

“I think you are getting kinda skinny, Granma,” said Hoo. “Yeah, my overalls are startin’ to fall right off of me … ha!” laughed G. “That’s ok; I can lose a few pounds here and there. But you Julio, have some more dates and drink up! Maybe there is some cold, leftover rat around too!” “Yuck,” said J, “doesn’t sound so good in the morning without the bonfire!”

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