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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 11

G & J were awakened very early with the whirring of wings overhead and the shouting of Hooo Hoo Hoo Whooo! En el Nombre! Hooo Hooo Hooo Whoooo ! En el Nombre! “Buenos dias! Buenos dias!“ (All this means Hooo Hoo Hoo Hooo! in the Name! Good Morning! ~ in case you aren’t bilingual in the least) These were the hunting owls again, on their way to the beyond, G thought. And these owls were very early risers ~ day owls for sure .. Maybe even day-rise owls ! Ha! They slept at night just like people.

“How weird” popped up Julio almost falling out of the hammock. “Look at all this white stuff, like snow all over” he said. “Yeah, and it’s cold too,” chimed in G. They gathered some up off themselves. But the 3 suns were now coming up and it was warming up to at least 65 or 70 degrees if anything. “Snow at the beach!” said J, “this is weird!” And they could see snow on the tops of the palm trees, way up high.

First they could see the blue sun on the horizon, followed by the two pink ones, way out where they thought they got a glimpse of the ocean. The sky was turning from black to white, blazed across with pinks, purples, lavenders and raspberry colors. The sunrise was magnificent!. In about a half hour, all three suns had risen and the “snow” had vanished.

There was hustle and bustle in the owl village. G would have to remember to ask the names of people and places, for the map you know. She was very bad about names and forgot them as soon as you told her anyway.

Da Muff was asleep under the hammock and they almost stepped on her getting down. J went and looked around for the horses. They were peacefully grazing on something under the palm trees. After they rolled the hammock up and stuffed it in a basket, they sauntered over to the ‘ole owl’s house. He was sitting on the front porch, sunning himself and smiling. Everyone seemed to be happy and buzzy now with a “new life” sorta change in the air. That’s what happened when you told people about the Name.

Some owls were busy working on construction of what looked like a cross, made out of two palm trees. The dates were still hanging on the palms and looked like a figure hanging on the cross. “These are some talented owl artists if anything” said J. He was picking up talking like Granma.

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