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Chapter 12 Title Chapter 12 – page 1

Nope, it sure didn’t seem like they were in Timbuktoo anymore.

When they peeked back at the Peppermint Mountains, there was no crevice in the rock or archway to be found. They had totally disappeared, and the mountains weren’t pink and white, or slippery and shiny anymore on this side of them. They just looked like ‘ole rock. You know, brown, gray, rock. Tufts of grass grew on the sides and the horses headed that way.

Now there was white sand beneath their feet with tufts of tall reedy grass so high that you couldn’t see over it, even on horseback. Noticing a path through the reedy tuffs, what else could they do but follow it? Where was da Muff anyway?

They could hear a roaring and feel the salt spray, but they couldn’t see an ocean, yet. It was around 3 PM Granma guessed by the sun. No … this wasn’t Timbuktoo at all. The three suns on this side of the mountains were an iridescent blue one and two quartz pink, and the was sky a pearly white, not orange like in Timbuktoo with the yellow and the white suns.

Overhead they saw different shades of purple, pink and blue clouds swirling in the white sky. Julio got his sword out and tied it to his blanket fringe, just in case. Da Muff was already down the path, into mischief no doubt. Maybe out here in the tall grass she could find something to catch and eat. The reeds were almost like trees on either side of them as they rode through.

All of a sudden they heard a few yelps down the path and wondered what da Muff had gotten into. Julio was the first to come upon the scene and called out “What’s that?” As they came closer they saw 3 speckled purple eggs, the size of footballs, in a nest made of sticks and reeds on the gound. No critter was in view. The horses had their ears perked up and were quivering. A few steps further on they ran into who the nest belonged to.

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