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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 9

When they stopped they thought they faintly heard the trickle of water. Using Mober’s big marshmallow light, Hoo held it up and looked around. "Hey Granma, there’s water running down the rocks and dripping off into a pool somewhere." "Well, unless the rocks are poison, it should be good water," said G. Julio 'vestigated' and found a pool that he thought the frog would stay in and took him out of his pocket, rather wrinkled and dry looking. So in the water he went: kerplop!. The frog swam across the pool (it was only about 2 feet wide), and then swam back again. "He’s getting his exercise," said the Hoo. J led the horses over to get a drink too.

Pepper’s marshmallow light shone about 20 feet out against the wall, beyond the pool. There was some green lichen and grass like moss growing on the rocks. J led Pepper over and pointed her nose at it. She began to nibble. Mober of course was curious and came and pushed Pepper out of the way. Julio climbed a scraggly pink, white & red crag with Mober’s big light and hung it over the top. It lit up an area about 50 feet or so beyond. They saw lots of lichen and moss. So the horses had something to nibble on and keep them busy. J was a little afraid they might fall into the pool so he stacked some big rocks around it while G hung up the hammock.

There was still a handful of berries and mushrooms left, and G opened the burlap with the rooty ‘tater things in it that Marsha 399 had given her. "We still have some carrots from Burrbear‘s place," said G. "If we had a few sticks for a little fire, we could put these on a stick and roast them," said G. "Do you think you can find any sticks Hoo?" "Hey, we could give the horses some carrots," said J. "Yeah, a couple" said G, "but carrots won’t fill them up and carrots might just fill us up some." Julio was digging around in the bag for carrots and said "Here’s an avocado too."

Julio, wearing his headlight, began walking around, looking behind rocks and everywhere for sticks. There was a dark opening just to his right. He crept closer. His headlight shone in upon a stone table and chairs. There were wooden shelves along the walls. That might do, he thought. Too bad they didn’t have a hatchet or anything sharp but his little pocketknife.

He cautiously crept in a little ways and touched one of the shelves. It fell on the floor and splintered into a lot of small pieces. "Well how convenient" said Julio to himself. He picked up some pieces and brought them over to where G had spread out the little horse blankets on the mountain floor. "Do you still have some matches Granma?" he asked. "Well, yes I do … and just look at you! A whole armful of wood!" said G. "Take your pocket knife and make some teeny weeny pieces for starting the fire. We don’t have any paper or anything like that," G instructed. She was looking for a piece of hard wood that she could stick the mushrooms and ‘tater things on. "Man, this is hard work, isn’t it Hoo?" asked G. "Yep, sure is, But it’s fun." he shrugged. Hoo remembered the leaf in his pocket that the frog road on. It was dry now and rather a large leaf. "We can use this to help," he said. "Hey that will do just dandy!" said G.

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