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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 8

Another little room led off of the big chamber. Julio and Muff went in. "Hey, Granma. Come here and see!" She went to the door and had to stoop down, bending over to enter. It was a dome roofed, round room about the size of three elephants. On the walls hung all kinds of armor: swords, knives, shields, mail shirts. "Wow!" cried out Julio. "We gotta take some of this back with us!" "I dono" said Granma. "If it belonged to the dead bones in there, they might not like that." "Guess you’re right. But golly, would I like to have some of that!" said Julio.

The mail shirts were made out of real silver, and the swords and knives had pearly handles, pink quarts handles and even gold ones. The shields were decorated with inlaid stones of precious gems. Some of them even looked like diamonds. G & J must of spent at least an hour in there looking around, until the horses started stamping and pawing outside. Now where has that Muff gone to? They found parchments on a dusty table; scrolls that were rolled up and the remains of a big leather-bound book. Julio opened the book very carefully, but it was falling apart. All he could see was some writing that looked like lines and hen scratches to him, and then it disappeared. The scrolls couldn’t even be touched; they crumbled even if you breathed on them. The corner of one got ruined when J. sneezed at all the dust.

"We better get going, Hoo," said G "the horses are getting antsy." "Yeah, but I wish we could come here again to vestigate," said J. When they came out of the golden coffin room into the heart of the mountain, they could see the marshmallow balls on the horses glowing brightly. And the light that had been coming in the white swirly stripes of the Peppermint, was now a dull gray-orange. Funny, the golden light in the coffin room hadn't changed. "It must be getting dark," said Hoo. "Are we gonna have to stay in this mountain all night? Ai yai yai," he said.

"Well, we have our headlights, so if your game, I’m game," said G. "What did we bring headlights for if it wasn’t to travel at night?" So on they rode, but very slowly. "I think the horses are getting pretty hungry," said G. The headlights worked pretty good, but they still could only see maybe 50 feet ahead of them. "What if we have to go up and there’s another drop off on the side?" asked Hoo. "Well, in that case, I guess we had better spend the night in here." said G. "You think of almost everything. Hoo-man."

So far, so good. Everything was flat and wide for quite a ways. J began to yawn and so did G. Muff was a good lead with her headlight that kept them focused for awhile. Seemed there were a lot of dark openings on the sides; caves or rooms. Then Julio said, "You know, it would be more interesting to vestigate this place in the daylight." "You’re absolutely right! And safer traveling, too." said G. Let’s stop where all these scraggly rocks are and hang up the hammock for the night. Poor horses, nothing to eat. "I’m hungry, aren’t you Hoo?" asked G. "Yeah, starving!" was the reply. "Wonder if Mober & Pep like papaya or avacado peeling ?" asked Hoo. "Well, there’s one way to find out." said G.

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