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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 5

They rode on in and da Muff followed with her light on as well. As soon as they were in, the door closed. "Ai yai yai" said G in a whisper. "Told you that door would close." "Even though it said blessings, it still is kinda scarry in here ... and ... dark," said J. "Exactly," says Granma.

With their marshmallow ‘headlights’ on, to their surprise, once their eyes adjusted to the light, or lack thereof, it was not as dark inside as they expected. And the white stripes and swirls in the Peppermint served as windows where light showed through. "Far Out" says G. "We’ve got windows, all the way from the bottom to the top and all swirling around too! Fantastic!" "Rad!" says the Hoo.

They could see craggy rock formations on each side of a skinny winding red path. The path was not wide enough for them to ride side by side, so Julio and Pepper went in front, Granma behind with da Muff in the lead. They rode slowly for what seemed like a couple miles in the echoing, maze-like chamber, the klompity klomp of the horses feet being the only noise. It was hard to tell distance inside this place. The marshmallow 'headlights' were a wonder and served them well. Bless the smarty pants, J’s little heart thought G.

The path started going up and up and spiraling around. When they came to a ‘white stripe window’ they could see a drop off on the right; looking down to the place they had just come up from. Da Muff was going very slowly ahead and the air was getting chillier. The spirals led them up and on and up and on and on and up. Thank goodness the road got wider. They couldn’t tell how long they had been inside. Whirr, flap, whirr whirr, swoosh! "Steady there Mober ’ole girl," called out Granma. Something like bats had just taken off overhead. "Steady Mobe, steady" says G. Pepper did whatever Mobe did, so they got through the bats ok, since the critters flew on up higher.

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