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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 3

Julio thought … will they be able to find anything to eat? He was a boy who thought about food a lot. He never figured out what they ate anyway.

Being about 11 in the morning, they bowed low to the Chips (G didn't fall over this time) and led the horses on around to the left side of the mountain. Plopping down on a flat pink rock G said "Time for a little something J." He was always up for a little something. She pulled a big orange ripe papaya out of a basket and cut it with Julio’s pocket knife. J was checking out his frog in his pocket …… There was nothing for the horses to eat either, and da Muff was skinnier than usual.

"Maybe we should have cut some grass and brought it with us," said J. "Man alive!" said G. "You are as smart as a whip! Now, why didn’t I think of that!" Well both of them thought of it too late, as all the good, dark, rich, green grass was way behind them, at least 4 miles. "We coulda put some in the baskets and carried it for M & P," said G half to herself. "Too late now I guess," she muttered. "Cheesh!"

They tried to eat their papaya nicely without getting all messy, HA!. "Wonder if that red water is poison?" Julio asked. "I dono," said G. "We could test it out on the frog." "Nooooo way!" said Julio. We are NOT gonna’ kill my frog. What if Muff drinks it?" Well if she does and lives, then we will know." said G. "Can’t keep her out of anything. She has a nose for that kind of stuff." Muff also liked papaya peelings, as she was laying there licking them.

Julio must have squirmed or wiggled on top of his flat pink rock in just the right way I guess. All of a sudden, a big door gaped open that was invisible before; a rounded archway, (probably made by dwarves) about 12 feet tall. There was some curious silver scribbling around the edges of the door that was barely visible in the sunlight. "It's just like out of Lord of the Rings!" yelled the Hoo. "I guess we found our way in." "Yeah" whispered G, "let’s hope we can find our way out!" "Remember the butterflies." J said. "ok, ok" said G. "Wish we had some butterflies right now. We better hurry in before this door decides to close or something," G shuddered. "Guess my frog isn’t gonna’ get a bath," said the Hoo, sympathetically. "Maybe there's some clear water inside."

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