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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 19

"Maybe if we throw a peppermint bone on the outside, da Muff will want to go after it." says J. "Man, that knight is sure smart. No wonder they made him a knight, thought G. "Great idea, Hoo. Cut a slab of peppermint off your biggest chunk and throw!"

Julio called da Muff over and showed her the peppermint ‘bone’ and threw it outside. Walla! Out she squeezed as easy as pie after it!

Then G & J sat inside the mountain wondering what their idea had been all along. I guess they thought da Muff might open the door from the outside for them to get out! HA! So now Muff is on the outside and we are on the inside. "Well now, that didn’t help us much, did it? says G dejectedly. Julio poked his nose out the crevice and said, "How's things out there Muff?" "I'm gonna go catch some fish or a bird ... something to eat" says da Muff, "see ya."

So there they sat, puzzled and confused, while Julio leaned back against one of the statues, and hit the ground with his sword. Well who knows if he just hit the right spot, or leaned the right way, or what …. but instantly, a white, iridescent line of light lit up an arch around and above the crevice. Ten seconds later, the whole wall opened outward, practically blinding them, it was so bright. They wasted no time. The horses had shied at the light too, and Julio had to run inside to grab them, and wooofff! They were out … all of them. Horses, frog, jars, diamonds, peppermint, sword, shield, G & J !!! They did a little dance to celebrate! "Well that wasn’t so bad, was it?" exclaimed G, looking much more cheerful than she had just three minutes earlier.

Julio looked around rather eerily and said "I don’t think we are in Timbuktoo anymore." Then Granma gave the place the once-over. "I think you’re absolutely right."

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