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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 18

It was getting much brighter on up ahead and there weren’t any more rooms on the side walls. They … ka clomped … on up into bright sunlight shining through a crevice in the wall. Next to the crevice there stood three white rock statues, about dwarf or Julio size. On the statues was full body armour, now rusted from time without end passing over them, along with the salty sea breeze that both G & J could now visibly see and feel on their arms.

Julio excitedly jumped down from Pepper and beamingly picked up a small sword off the floor. "Looky here Granma, a sword! You said I could take one if it was on the ground," shouts the Hoo-man. "Well, and so I did," says G. "It’s yours!" And darn if it wasn’t a nice one, once they got it somewhat cleaned up, but that’s for later. Julio got into the part rather quickly, knighting Pepper on the shoulders and telling her to bow down. She did and he was up again. But what for, he didn’t know. There didn’t seem to be a way out of the wall. So Julio sat there on Pepper, mail shirt on, shield on his back and holding his sword. He looked just like a little drawf thought Granma. Then he put the sword in a basket for safe keeping; it might be sharp and dangerous to carry around he said. Julio was beaming with his treasures, and looked quite knightly with the shield flopped over his back.

"Shhhssshhh . . ." said G. "I hear something." "Me too," whispers Hoo. "Let’s get off and have a look out that crack." says J. "Bravo! Good idea!" says G. "Will you, oh, most noble and royal knight, just touch my horse here so she will bow down for me to get off," laughed G. Julio was glad to, and got his sword out most swiftly. Mober bowed like a good princess horse and G & J were both on the ground in seconds with their eyeballs glued to the crack in the wall and their noses sticking out of it.

"I hear the ocean!" flabbergasts G. "Me too," says Hoo, " and I can smell it …. salty." "Well, how are we gonna get out this little crack," asks G. "I’m too fat, you’re too fat, the horses are WAY too fat." "What about the da Muff?" asks J. "HHHMMM …" ponders G. "She is rather skinny now from eating only peppermint, papaya & avacado peelings. Maybe we can scrape away some of these rocks down low …" said G clawing at them. "Maybe with your sword, oh noble, royal, knight?" asks G.

Julio was only too happy to be of service and he began whacking at the sides of the crevice. "Whew, that hurts!" he said drawing back … " my whole arm." "But you got some loose, good, noble knight" exclaimed G as she dug with her hands some more. Well they had succeeded in widening the crevice maybe and inch. "That might mess up my sword too," decided the Hoo.

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