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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 16

"Let’s walk on a little bit more" said J to G. "Ok. No telling’ what we’ll run across in here. We can check out a couple more rooms." said G. With a long, last, lingering look, and one more drink, they left the fountain, with ding-dong glazed over eyes.

Ka clomp … ka clomp … ka clompity clomp …. I think the horses felt the effects of the water too. Muff wagged on slowly ahead of them. It seemed to be getting even warmer inside. "Wonder how long it is, or how far it is, til we find a way outside again?" asked Hoo. "No idea," said G dreamily.

Ka clomp … ka clomp .. Ka clompity clomp … "Hey there’s light coming out of that room up ahead," says J. "Let’s go check it out." "Okay," says G. This room was on the left of the corridor from the heart of the mountain, as it was getting narrower now. "Wow, that pepperminty smell seems like it’s coming from in there," says J. "So it does," says G. And so it was.

The first thing they noticed when they came into this chamber was the stickyness of the walls. They were flat rose pink and seemed to be sweating or something. There was a round, low stone table in the middle of this round room with about 12 large stone jars lined up against the wall. The jars were about 3 feet tall, with lids. They were just like the small ones G had in her basket. Some were solid pale pink, others white, and three of them were deep red. On the table were very primitive looking rock bowls. There was even a broken something that looked like a spoon. Half was on the table; the other half on the floor. When they looked around, being careful not to touch the sticky walls, they saw other stone mortars and knifes and things.

If you ducked down, towards the back of the room, there was a darker, smaller chamber. Hoo bent over and just peeked in and saw things like cookie sheets in there … made out of silver metal. Hoo accidentally leaned on the wall and got sticky, when he stuck his head in. As a matter of fact, his hand almost stuck to the wall. He pulled it off and was tempted to lick it. When G wasn’t looking, he did. Hmmm… hhmmm .. Hhmmm… "Hey Granma," squealed Hoo, "the walls are peppermint!" "So that’s what the sweating is all about," says G. The mountain is squeezing peppermint out of itself into this room. This musta been the candy making room." says G. "Hey, I bet they made candy canes here!" J said delightedly. "Hey, maybe they come back at Christmas and make more!" says Hoo. What an imagination, that boy!

Then Granma remembered an old, old song. Something about a Big Rock Candy Mountain. HA! But she couldn’t remember any of the words to it.

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