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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 15

G & J both took deep drinks from the fountain that was bubbling, spitting and sputtering. When they tasted it, their eyes got glassy. Never had they tasted such pure, clean, transparent, wet, wild, and wonderful, refreshing water before. It filled one up to the brim. The only way to describe it was: it felt like it was alive! "This is the fountain of "Living Water," said G. "Must be. I feel it alive inside me, don’t you?" "Yeah, feels like that; tickles my tummy," said Hoo.

"When we get back Hoo, we will make a map of our adventures and give names to things; and this will be the Fountain of Living Water." said G. "That sounds good," said Hoo. "Hope we don’ t forget anything."

Again, how much time had passed they couldn't tell. Between the birds, the music and the water, they were so content, they couldn’t even imagine leaving this place. The horses were standing around with droopy eyelids and Muff was out cold on the floor. However, the Peppermint smell was waking them up. Or was that their tummies? They had nothing to eat so far today.

"It’s about time for a little something," says G to Hoo. "Let’s see what we got left," says J.

"Here’s our last papaya that we better eat" says J, bringing out a somewhat over-ripe squishy one. "Hmmm, all the better," says G. J sliced it with his pocketknife and they sat on the edge of the fountain now slurping away, papaya juice running down their chins. "The horses like the peeling, so we won’t make a mess," said Hoo, very ecologically minded. Mobers white nose was now all salmony colored and wet. "Well now," says G. "How about a couple bananas and we’re off!"

Hoo took some of his frog wood out of one basket and put it between the little stone jars to protect them, as he slipped out two bananas. Now these were huge bananas, mind you, and a meal all by themselves. They were one and a half feet long if anything. "Boy, sure wish we had some lime and salt," muttered G. "Yeah, me too" said J.

They went to the channel along the wall and dipped to wash their faces and hands off to the side of it. Muff was getting a drink too. I don’t know if Muff caught anything during the night or not. There must have been a mouse of some kind around in here. Hoo took Muffs’ light off and put all of them away in the baskets now, since it was light enough to see inside the mountain.

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