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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 14

And just as suddenly as they had come in, all the little birds caught a breeze and rode out on it, down the corridor and out of sight. G & J woke up as if in a dream. "Wow, gulp, weeeellllpp," says G, finally .... "We should fill up our water containers at this fountain here." "Good idea," said the Hoo.

And so they did. The lids fit tight on the metal containers, seeming to have some kind of seaweed around the edge of the lid that was rubbery. The jars themselves appeared to be made of silver, brass, bronze & gold and had designs on them. I may draw you one so you can see what it looked like. With the tight-fitting lids there would be no problem carrying them in the baskets on the horses. Maybe they should have gotten more. Three for each basket, times 4 baskets … they had …. how many of them? "Uuhuh, twelve."

"This fountain was totally hewn by hand," said G. "What’s heeyyoonn?" asked J. "It means made by hand, carved out of rock and stone with some kind of instruments to chip it off here and there," she explained. It was a beautiful work of art indeed. Even more so as light entered the heart of the tall chamber. Sunlight came in from way up high through the white Peppermint swirls. This made shafts of light dance here and there upon the fountain, causing it to glisten with silver flecks. Pale pink quartz was the only way to describe it. Some parts were crystal clear and you could see the water running through the center of the fountain. Other parts were swirling into darker rose pinks. Under the water, at the very center of the fountain, the basin was blood red. The water flowed down a groove and came out the bottom, and poured into the underground channels on either side of them, next to the walls. The water flowing down the red groove made it look like real flowing blood.

"Fountain of Living Water"

Other Side Fountain of Living Water

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