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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 13

They were acquiring quite a collection. "Hope this doesn’t get too heavy for the horses," says G. "Naw, on second thought; they carry fat people around all the time."

So G & J loaded up the other baskets with Granma’s little stone bottle collection, putting bananas and Julio’s torn T-shirt in between so they didn’t crack up against each other. The smaller stones of crystal or diamonds, G put in the front pocket of her overalls. Hoo put some in his jeans pockets. Then Hoo went back in the room to gather up a few metal containers that they could haul water in. "The water is what is going to be heavy," said G. "Yeah," says J. " We’ll just put 3 jars in each basket; enough to drink and wet the horses mouths, and for da Muff, if she needs it," says J.

"Can’t I just take one more little thing, like a sword?" asks Julio. "Well, what if there is a spell or curse on the stuff, and the mountain gets mad if we take too much?" said G. "Ok," says J, but if I find one on the ground, it’s mine!" "Fair enough" says G.

They had finished with this room and led the horses on towards what seemed to be the very heart of the mountain. A delicious, light pepperminty smell was coming from down the way, and being carried on what seemed like a slight sea salt breeze. Ka clomp, ka clomp, ka clompity clomp . . . On the right hand side of them, they were beginning to see a channel in the rock on the ground, and they could faintly hear a bubbly sound as if water was going down over rocks. The further they went, the wider the channel and the louder the bubbling and splashing became. It was all leading to a fountain in the very heart of the mountain. You could tell it was the heart by looking up. It was the tallest part of the mountain; it was so high in fact, it looked like pink and white clouds or a mist was hanging way up there. And the walls, way, way, way up there, were etched with red hearts. "Whoooaaa!" said Julio with his mouth hanging open. "How did they get those hearts way up there!" "My my my" said G. "It’s time for one of your whistles Hoo." So Julio whistled.

And he heard another whistle. He whistled and he heard another whistle again. He whistled louder and longer and he heard two whistles this time. One close by and one coming from far away. Then he just kept whistling, and there was music everywhere filling the air. It sounded like harps and flutes and whistles from all over. Hundreds of little white birds flew in from somewhere, circled around them and went up, up, and up into the misty clouds. G & J’s eyes were as big as saucers and even the horses and da Muff were all looking up. Then the birds came back down, floating like feathers of snow, landing on the ground all about them.

Julio had stopped whistling now, but the echo went on and on and on and up and down again, with the harps and flutes. "Maybe there are angels in here Hoo," said G. "Yeah, maybe. I think I see one," J said in a dreamy far away voice. This went on for time without end, they didn’t know how long they had been standing there with their necks crinked up.

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