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Chapter 11 Title Chapter 11 – page 10

G pulled out the last of the musrooms, cut the ‘tater things into smaller pieces and stuck a stick through them with pieces of carrot. "There" she said, "now for the fire." One leaf, some splinters of old crumbly wood, and walla! …. they had a little fire going ….. G & J gradually added a few bigger pieces of wood and then held out the two sticks over the fire . Well, one stick was just carrots and ‘tater things. J didn’t like mushrooms. They ate berries while they held the sticks. It was tricky to cook the stuff without burning up the stick … oops, a ‘tater fell off in the fire … well there were some coals and ashes now. It just might cook better there! After turning and turning her stick-o-’tater, G decided she thought it was done enuf to eat.

Using another stick, Julio got his 'tater out of the ashes and let it cool off. Then he brushed the askes off and chomped. "Oooh, hot hot hot!" he yelled. He blew on it some and then it was gone in a flash. "Not bad, not bad" he said. G said hers needed salt or butter or something, but wasn’t too bad either. Then they cut up a papaya for dessert and split the last avocado between them. They only had one papaya left, a pineapple or ‘sweet ‘tater’, and one bunch of bananas.

The fire was going out now and the air was rather chilly. "Wish we had some Chips to keep us warm," said J yawning. G yawned too. They stamped the fire out. There was no way to turn off the marshmallow balls and neither did they want to. They hung them high on rocky crags so the whole area was lit up. The horses were laying down and sleeping. Muff was even flat out asleep by the pool. J checked on his frog, came back and climbed into the hammock. G laid her saddle blanket over Julio and took the other one off the floor and shook it. Then she climbed in beside Julio and in two seconds they were asleep …. but with very strange dreams, that were half real.

G dreamed of ghostly like figures floating around with armor on, going in and out of the dark openings. Sometimes she could see a room as if lit up and then the light went out. She heard feet marching and trumpets blowing. The clang of swords on shields was ear piercing. Then she heard horses galloping and getting further away and further away. Some of the ghostly figures floated in the air above the hammock. Some hung over the sleeping horses. G thought she saw some sitting by where the fire had been as if they were trying to warm themselves.

J woke up early and said he had weird dreams, something about floating ghosts hanging over the hammock and the horses. "Hey, I had the same dream Hoo!" said G. "Maybe it wasn’t a dream at all" . . . whispered J. "Look! I think I see one down there just going into that room!" "Ai yai yai" said G. That’s all we need. "Hey, where are the horses?" cried out G.

The place was still rather gloomy. Either it was overcast outside and the sun wasn’t shining on the white swirly stripes of the mountain side, or it was just dawn. "I’ll go look for them" said Hoo, "and Muff, you come too." Hoo put his headlight on and down the corridor they went, J & da Muff. He was holding Muff by her headlight cord just so she wouldn’t go bounding off or something. He wasn't skeerd at all: 'gulp!'

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