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Suddenly there appeared a small herd of lingering butterflies: pale and iridescent, pearly white, ice blue and lavender in the rising of the moons. Some clung to the horses manes and tails. Others covered the grass with light like gentle moving flowers. Others stayed with G and J and the Muff (much to her aggravation.)

G hung up the hammock while J got the red string and ball of twine out of the baskets and his splack. He laid the marshmallow light balls on the grass. They were glowing with an inner white light that got brighter as it got darker. J strung red string through the small ones and put one on Muff’s neck, gave one to Granma and kept the other for himself. "See, now we have headlights so we can see where we are going," said J. And then he ran some burlap twine through the holes in the medium sized ones. "These big ones are for Mober and Pepper." "That’s a great idea, J. You are so smarty pants," said Granma as she yawned.

As dusk deepened, the whole atmosphere was lit up with the deep pink glow cast by the last of the yellow sun on the Peppermints, although they couldn’t see the mountains themselves. "The Peppermints must be nearby" said G. "Look how pink everything is." Even the iridescent and pale butterflies were now edged with a pink tinge of color. Then G noticed that the butterflies flocked to the nearby forest trees, like a herd of sheep folding up for the night. G & J folded up too, nestled in the hammock with da Muff on guard duty. J had dug a special pond in the roadside water’s edge for his frog to sleep in. He piled rocks up high to keep the frog in and laid branches over the top. Such a smarty pants little boy.

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