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As they rode towards the West in silence, it wasn’t silent for long. They still had another 5 hours or so of daylight. All of a sudden Julio asked in a loud voice: "Granma, what do the Chips eat?" They had been on the road for hours eating and eating and the Chips had nothing and more nothing. "I dono, J," said G. "We will let them out when we stop for the night and they can crawl around and look for bugs and stuff before dark. They won’t run away. We are almost to the toes, feet and ankles of the Peppermints…. their new home, anyway."

The red dirt path got wider and wider, being nice and flat all the way. The mountains were getting closer now, filling the air with the distinct smell of Peppermint. While the sun began to go down, the mountains went from a deep rosy pink to red, with white swirly candy cane stripes running around and around and up and down them; fine, thin stripes and wide stripes. They did look a bit slippery, slick and shiny, the closer you got to them, just like Marshie 459 had said.

Granma & Julio rode on, and on, and on down the red dirt path. Sometimes they hummed songs to themselves. G thought she heard a seagull overhead. Then she said, "That was a nice thing to do for Marsha 101, Julio." "Yeah," he said, "now I got a big hole in my undershirt."

After the Marshmallow Wastes, there was nothing of particular interest to attract their attention and only once did they meet a beaver on the road with a napsack. He looked kinda like he was running away, in the direction of BurrBear’s place at FlamFlow. He seemed in a rather big hurry and only did a small curtsey as he passed without so much as a word.

Hey, maybe he came through the Peppermint Mountains. "Hey you, hey you!" G yelled after him, but he kept right on trotting along. O well.

The land was a rich green on each side of the road, with the red dirt running wide down the middle, like a ribbon. This was nice and soft on the horses feet. Ditches were on either side of the road with water in them, so they stopped for awhile. After slurping a mango, sittin’ on the bank of the ditch, G told J to let the Chips out for a little while to run around in the grass. J was busy catching a frog and put it in his other shirt pocket. He was still carrying around the Chip in his left pocket, the one that had gotten banana-squished and was alive again! She was sleeping so he let her be while he let the other Chips out of the baskets. They were happy to get out and stretch.

"What on earth are you gonna do with a yellow polka-dotted frog?" asked G. "Well, maybe when we find a way back to our world, I will keep him in my pocket, and he can go too." said J.

Muff was splashing in the fresh water trying to catch something. J saw schools of small red and white striped fish in the ditches. Maybe a tasty little morsel for da Muff.

"We should of asked the Marshies if they had anything to carry water in; how dumb of us." said G. "Man, yeah, how dumb!" said J. "Wonder if this fishy water is any good for drinking?" J gave an inquiring look up at G and she said, "Go ahead, try it. Doesn’t seem to be hurting the Muff any and she has had her face buried in it most of the time." said G. So Julio bent over and scooped water with his hands, almost losing the Chip and the frog in the process. His pockets had buttons at the top, so he buttoned them. There, that would help keep them in. He stuck a wet leaf in with the frog just for comfort. The water was clear and tasted good, so G drank some too. "Mober! Pepper! Come get a drink!" yelled out G, and they both came trotting over to the ditch.

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