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Twas a warm summer day … so hot in fact, that Julio had taken his shirt off and tied it around his waist. He and Granma were on their way back from the barn; they had just fed the horses when Julio says: "What’s that white bucket over there?" "Oh, that’s just to mark where the well is," says Granma. So Julio of course, being the investigative kind of carpenter-builder-mechanic kid that he is, sauntered on over to check it out. Granma followed. She took the bucket off and showed him the round pipe coming up out of the ground with a blue, heavy locking cap on it.

"Can we see water down in there?" asks Julio. "I donno," says Granma. "I guess we can take the lid off and see" ... and so they did, after some minor delays.

Granma had to send Julio to the house to get a big crescent wrench; of course he knew what that was, being the carpenter-builder-mechanic kinda 8 year old boy that he was. Granma and Julio both fiddled around with it, trying to pry the lid up, but it was on real good.

So Granma sent Julio back to the house for a couple of Pepsi’s to help them out. The Pepsi is what did it, I reckon’, koz they got the lid up and took turns looking inside.

And so begins their adventure, into The Other Side of the Well.

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