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Chapter 1

"Some Kinda of Magic Goin' on Here"

So there they sat in a very new and different place, on dry ground in the sunshine. Granma showed Julio that the stuff they were covered with was good to eat, so Julio began licking his hands and arms. "Hmmm mmmm hhmmm!" Julio muffled between licks. Kids like that sorta thing more than granmas.
When they looked back, they saw a small dark hole which they had presumably plopped out of. There was no water running out of it such as a well should have, one would think. There was just a smidge of golden honey like stuff dripping off the edges. The well hole was in a plump round bank of moss with tiny purple violets and ferns. All good and well, but, well, hhhmmmm, how were they going to get back ??? As they sat there in the sunshine, licking themselves and contemplating this and that . . . all of a sudden they hear soft, muffly like padding on a trail off to the right of them, which shakes the ground. It was not a scarry shaking, as in like an earthquake, but more of a vibration. Then what to the surprise of their ears, they heard humming and whistling. "Lalala deee daaa dummm ... humm, humm …" and I can’t type whistling so you just have to imagine.
There soon came into view, three golden brown, furry, downy bears who stopped right in front of them and started laughing. There was a Papa Bear, a smaller Mama Bear, and a Bear Cub about the size of Julio. Bear Cub could not help himself, but rolled over on the forest floor amid the bracken of ferns and laughed his face off. Well not really. His face stayed quite attached. After he could compose himself some and Mama & Papa bear stopped humming, whistling and giggling, the 3 bears began to lick Granma and Julio darn well clean as a ribbon. Their tongues were warm and tickly and soon Julio was rolling around in the bracken too, with the Cub. Frolicking as they were, Granma was a little more worried, as time went on …. and no one could tell how time went on here, whether they had been down the well an hour or more or longer, who knows? Julio didn’t care, but Granma was thinking: who would feed the horses?
After Granma and Julio were as clean as whistles and not the least bit sticky, the bears, sporting pot bellies and big smiles on their faces, sauntered off in the opposite direction of the trail on which they came. They quickly disappeared into a dark wood on the left, behind the bank where the well hole came out. There didn’t seem to be any trail to follow and they were gone in the blink of an eye. Just as if the trail rolled up and became invisible.
"Soooo," Granma began, "where do you think we’ve got to, Julio?" "Heck if I know," says Julio as he got up and brushed himself off. "But isn’t it neat?" he exclaims.
Well since they were already on an adventure of some sort, they both decided they might as well follow the springy, mossy path to their right and see where it led them. So off they went in the opposite direction of the 3 bears.

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