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"Shucks!" said the little fish as he swam out of his school and came home. Sammy’s mother could tell that he was upset by the way he made a big splash as he swam into his room, moving his tail back and forth so hard. She could also tell he was upset because he swam right past the treat that she had made for him and he always loved his treats.
"What’s wrong?" she called, "Maybe the two of us can fix it if you tell me what it is." Sammy swished into the kitchen and started to explain between the nibbles of the treat.

"Mom, I was learning about our Savior today and the teacher was telling us how when he was born, camels, sheep, goats, calves…and just about every other animal was there!" Sammy said, clearly frustrated. "But not even one fish."
His mother smiled and said, "I don’t think that every animal in the world was there—it would have been very crowded around the manger," she chuckled.
"It’s not funny Mom. Don’t you see? The tree gave him shade, the plants gave him food, the other animals watched over him…but what did the fish do?" he said. "We didn’t do nothing!"
"We didn’t do anything," his mother corrected. "And that’s not so. Let me tell you a story that I’m sure will make you happy."
Little Sammy couldn’t imagine how his mom could make him happy. But many times when he was hurt or had been treated badly his mom could make him feel better and sometimes even laugh. But he was sure that this time was different. After all, Sammy wondered, how could she change something that had happened so long ago.

Sammy watched as his mother made herself comfortable in the same chair that she would always take him to when he was upset. She picked up the Bible and began to read from the gospel. She told him about how Jesus was teaching the people who had come from all over to hear him.
"They had been walking for days to see him in hopes of seeing a miracle," she said, "and they were tired and hungry. ‘How are we going to feed all of these people?’ one of the apostles asked Jesus. ‘We have only five loaves of bread and two fish—barely enough for us.’ But Jesus said that God could make anything possible. He asked the apostles to sit everyone down. He took the bread and fish, looked up to heaven and divided them to feed over 5,000 people—and they still had some left over!"
With a tear in her eye Sammy’s mother said, "You see Sammy. He has blessed us—by his father he has blessed us. No other animal was so blessed that just two of them were used to feed thousands of people. We became part of the miracle that so many had walked so far to see. Early Christians used a fish symbol to identify each other. And more recently you will still see the fish symbol as a sign of faith, on clothing, jewelry,  bumper stickers, and just about anywhere.

 So now do you see how special we are?"
Sammy’s eyes were wide with surprise and he had the biggest, proudest smile. "You did it again Mom. I love you!"

With that, Sammy took off with a mighty splash to go share the story with his friends. His mother smiled and gave a silent prayer of thanks to her ancestors.




The Christian fish symbol was created when the early church was under persecution by the Romans. A believer would draw half of the fish in the dirt and another would complete the symbol in order to communicate their shared faith.  Today, the fish is still used by Christians to communicate their faith to each other and to the world.

According to some accounts, the symbol itself may have come from the miraculous story of the loaves and fishes (John 6:1-13); or from the meal of fish Jesus shared with His disciples at the Sea of Galilee after the Resurrection (John 21:1-13); or from the story of the coin found by Simon Peter in the mouth of the fish (Matthew 17:24-27).


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