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Jelly Beans and Jesus

Have you heard the story of the jelly beans?

Little jelly beans
Tell a story true.
A tale of our Father's love
That's just for me and you.

Green Jelly Bean for New Life After He is Risenis for the new spring grass.
Yellow Jelly Bean for the Light of Easter Morningis for the sun above.
Orange Jelly Bean, Jesus Loves for the soft earth where
People sat hearing of HIS love.

Purple Jelly Bean for the Forgiveness of Sinfor the robe he wore,
Red Jelly Bean for the Blood of Christis for that precious wine.
 Black Jelly Bean for Sin is for the sins He washed
From your soul and mine.

Blue For the Sadness for the sadness of
HIS friends and family,
andWhite Jelly Bean for for the glory of the Day
HE rose for you and me.

Now that you've heard the story
You know what each color means.
The story of our Father's love
As told by jelly beans.

So when you see jelly beans on this Easter season,
stop and remember,

Jelly Bean Gospel
Jelly Bean Gospel

In the beginning was God (white jelly beanWhite Jelly Bean for Purity.).
God created everything, including Adam & Eve. Adam & Eve disobeyed God, & brought sin into the world (black jelly beanBlack Jelly Bean for Sin).
Sin separates & keeps us away from God. But God loves us so much that He wanted us back. He sent Jesus to live & die for us (red jelly beanRed Jelly Bean for the Blood of Christ).
Jesus was crucified, buried in a tomb, & everyone thought that was the end of the story. But on Easter Sunday morning (yellow jelly beanYellow Jelly Bean for the Light of Easter Morning),
Jesus rose from the dead. He was alive again (green jelly beanGreen Jelly Bean for New Life After He is Risen)!
Jesus died for us so that we could have our sins forgiven & be a part of God's family (purple jelly beanPurple Jelly Bean for the Forgiveness of Sin).
We can be happy (pink jelly beanPink Jelly Bean for the Joy of Life)
because of what Jesus did for us.

"OrangeOrange Jelly Bean, Jesus Loves You." you glad that Jesus loves you!


"For God so loved the world, He gave His One and Only Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

John 3:16

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