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There was a little man, I know,
with a little crooked smile.
He lived in a little crooked house,
at the end of a crooked mile.

He had a little crooked back,
 and a little crooked nose.
And a little crooked cane was used,
every where he goes.

He had a little cat. with a little crooked tail,
And in one hand he always carried,
a little crooked pail.
It was always filled with candies,
as crooked as could be.
He made them in his crooked house,
behind a crooked tree,

He would walk the crooked mile,
to a little crooked glen.
Where he could get his honey,
for his candy now and then.
The trees he had were crooked trees,
with fruit of every kind.
For the crooked little candy sticks,
that he hid for you to find.

click on the trees to find your goodies.

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