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Make Your Own Flag

A flag is more than colored cloth. A flag contains symbols that mean something to people. The United State's flag has thirteen red and white stripes that stand for the thirteen original states. It also has fifty stars, with each representing one of our fifty states. Try making a flag that would mean something to you by using symbols to stand for important things in your life.

What You Need

  1. Write your name (really big) in the middle of the paper. Decide what things in your life are important to you. It could be your hobbies, team sports, pets, church, or anything else.


  2. Pick a symbol to stand for each activity and draw them on the flag. (Or you could cut the symbols from construction paper and use glue to place them on the flag.) Try to think of as many things as you can that remind you of yourself so that the flag will be bright and colorful and really represent your life.


  3. If you have clear Contact paper, cover your flag so that it will be more durable (it will last longer.)


  4. If you have a dowel (these are wooden sticks you can buy at the hardware store or craft store), now is the time to give your flag its flagpole. Put several pieces of tape on the left (short) edge and wrap this around your dowel so that your flag will be able to stand up.


  5. Put it someplace special!

You could also do a "family flag" where all of your members put on symbols that are important to them. Cover it with Contact paper and put it someplace where everyone will see it, like the refrigerator. That way your family will see it often and be reminded of how much fun it is to be together.


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